Wed, 19 Apr 2000

One arrested over murder

JAKARTA (JP): Bogor Police arrested on Saturday one of two men allegedly connected with a vicious murder of a peddler whose body was found late last month in the fields of the Gobang area in the Cidokom village of Rumpin.

Bogor Police chief Col. Ade Husen Kartadipura identified the arrested suspect on Tuesday as Ujang Winata, 34, and the suspect still at large as Naca, 33.

The victim was identified as Jamaluddin, 33, a peddler whose throat was slashed with an ax on March 28. The victim had once accused the suspects of having worked together with men who allegedly possessed black magic powers, Ade said.

"Gobang residents found Jamaluddin's body floating in the flooded fields about 200 meters from the homes of Naca and Ujang. They immediately reported the find to the Bogor Police," Ade told reporters.

"We raided Ujang's home in Gobang village, arrested him, and confiscated an ax from the house, which was the murder weapon used, and Jamaluddin's motorcycle, a Yamaha RX Special with registration number B 3302 MU."

Ade said police raided Naca's home as well, but Naca escaped despite receiving a shot in the leg.

He said Jamaluddin had lost his Toyota Kijang van in Sept. 1999 and was desperate to find it. Ujang offered to help Jamaluddin find an orang pintar (psychic), who could help locate the van.

Ujang introduced Jamaluddin to a 70-year-old man named Mustofa, a resident of Cibodas village in Rumpin.

"Ujang told the victim that Mustofa's services were worth Rp 6 million (US$800)," Ade said.

Jamaluddin said he would pay the amount as long as he could get the van back.

"Seven months passed, and there was no sign of the van. In frustration, Jamaluddin accused Ujang of collaborating with Mustofa to fool him," Ade said.

Ujang became angered and told the story to Naca, and both men allegedly plotted to kill Jamaluddin, Ade said.

On March 28, Ujang asked Jamaluddin to accompany him to visit Naca's sick parent. Jamaluddin agreed and with his motorcycle both men drove toward Naca's home in Gobang village.

"When they neared the Gobang fields, Naca jumped out, and slashed Jamaluddin's throat. The two suspects then threw the body in the fields," Ade said. (21/ylt)