Sun, 25 Nov 2001

On the record

Artist: Lenny Kravitz, Album: Lenny (EMI)

With his sixth studio album, Kravitz stays true to the '70s, as he has since his first album 12 years ago.

Simply titled Lenny, the album contains 11 tracks that feature the raw sounds and guitar riffs of classic rock.

But if you're expecting something funky or groovin' from the album, you'll be disappointed.

Most of the numbers are rockin', with none of the funkiness of It Ain't Over Til It's Over. Nor are there any good ballads like Again.

But despite this, the New York native proves he is still as mellow a soul as when he first emerged with Let Love Rule in 1989.

Sometimes he gets too corny, though. God Save Us All? I'm a soldier on the Battlefield of Love?

Compared to his previous albums, Lenny is less catchy and not as kickin'. But his sincerity and unpretentiousness still make Lenny a good album.(Hera Diani)

Artist: Natalie Imbruglia; Album: White Lilies Island (BMG)

Three years have passed but Imbruglia is apparently still feeling torn.

"That day/What a mess, what a marvel/I walked into that cloud again/And I lost myself/And I'm sad, small, alone, scared," she sings in That Day, the first single from her second album.

And the gloominess and lying-naked-on-the-floor vibes continue for the rest of the album.

There is a bit of sunshine on Satellite, despite her complaint, "You're keeping me guessing, and I'm finding it hard to catch your eye."

White is not much of a departure from Imbruglia's debut album, 1998's Left of the Middle.

The new album, on which Imbruglia cowrote all of the songs, is again filled with guitar-based pop.

Left is remembered only for one single, Torn, because of the lack of any other strong songs. And the same fate likely awaits White, because after That Day the tracks all sound the same. (Hera Diani)