Tue, 06 Aug 2002

On Kijang ads

I refer to the letter Kijang ads (The Jakarta Post, Aug. 5) from Sri Suketsi.

Rarely have I read such a stupid letter. The policeman who claimed your correspondent was breaking the law by carrying goods in a passenger vehicle was clearly looking for some pocket money and should have been told to go away in terms I cannot write here.

The Kijang is a multipurpose vehicle of legendary reliability. I have driven many. I also own an aging but still steadily functioning Fiat Uno, whose back seats also fold down to create an extended luggage compartment, which I drove from Surabaya to Jakarta full of household goods when we moved here to Jakarta ten years ago.

I could see behind perfectly well using the external rear view mirrors.

The cop was a crook, your correspondent was an ass, and PT Toyota Astra Motors are totally entitled to continue to publicize the versatility of their excellent product.