Thu, 11 Aug 1994


Thank you for printing my letter (The Jakarta Post, Aug. 1, 1994).

Being impatient, I contacted 108 (directory information) to find out who in Telkom could be contacted to find a solution to my problem. I was advised to contact customer service, telephone No. 5200107 which I did promptly.

Although my telephone line (5482996) "went through the 'death' and rebirth" cycle for three more days, it has been working properly since July 31. The customer service people called on Aug. 1 to make sure things were O.K.

Mr. Nyoman, a Public Relations officer of Telkom and two technicians called and came to my house to investigate on Aug. 5.

I would like to take this opportunity to caution your readers--do not fix parallel telephones without the permission of Telkom.

Seeing many of my friends had two (or more) parallel telephones I too fixed a parallel telephone in my bedroom.

This was promptly disconnected by the technicians of Telkom and my wife was informed that, if requested, Telkom would fix parallel telephone connections.

I shall send a written request to Telkom and would advise your readers who have one or more parallel telephone connections to immediately obtain Telkom's permission if they have not done so already.

Now I would like to really say "Viva Telkom."