Fri, 07 Nov 2003

On discrimination

I refer to the letter from Sunarto Prawirosujanto entitled Proud to be an Indonesian (The Jakarta Post, Nov. 5) saying that "Yuki, of Chinese descent, should move to another country where there is no discrimination". Then she will be moving endlessly because in the real world, there is not a single country that is totally free from discrimination.

Regardless of who practices discrimination, it should not serve as an excuse for one to approve of its practice. Wouldn't it be unfair to Yuki if she herself didn't practice discrimination but, on the other hand, was discriminated against simply because others like her (Chinese Indonesians) practice discrimination?

Let's not point our fingers at others and balm our consciences by saying that it's all right to do this because others are doing it as well.

To make a difference, why don't we start by not practicing discrimination ourselves? After all, we were all born and raised in Indonesia, thus we are Indonesians, regardless of our race, language or religion.