Fri, 09 May 2003

On Borobudur comment

While thanking Paul Griffin of Brisbane, Australia, for his attention and interest in the conservation of Borobudur temple as an example of archaeological legacy in Central Java province, as expressed in his letter to The Jakarta Post (April 9, 2003), we would like to make the following clarification: * It is true that the Central Java provincial administration will revamp the arrangement of the Borobodur temple area in an effort to conserve the temple, promote the living standards of the locals living around the temple site and improve services to tourists in terms of comfort and security. * It is not true that in this revamping the Central Java administration is planning to build a shopping mall. * The Central Java provincial administration has set up an independent team, comprising experts from various areas related to the conservation of the temple. The team is now making a detailed study of this conservation effort to ensure that this revamping will not alter the function of Borobudur temple as a center of religious observance, as well as an item of historical legacy with international interest. Even UNESCO has been informed of this revamping plan.

AGUS ALI Head of Information, Communications and Public Relations Agency of Central Java Provincial Administration, Semarang