Tue, 09 Nov 1999

Old couple robbed by armed men

JAKARTA (JP): Four men armed with pistols and sickles stole Rp 60 million (US$9,000) from an elderly couple in Petojo Selatan, Central Jakarta, in the early hours of Monday morning.

Police said the four robbers entered the victim's house by opening the front door with a crowbar, and tied up the scared victims in the bedroom and covered them up with a blanket before proceeding with their robbery.

The victims, Nurfuad, 88, and Mardianah, 63, said the culprits spoke in a South Sumatran dialect, and took their telephone set, a set of jewelry and Rp 40 million in cash.

Police said nobody in the neighborhood heard or saw anything. The five housemaids were sleeping in their quarters, some 20 meters away from the main building. (01)