Tue, 10 Oct 2000

Officials sanctioned for lack of discipline

JAKARTA (JP): A total of 799 officials from the Ministry of National Education have been given disciplinary sanctions for various acts of malfeasance over the past two years, Inspector- General Muljani A. Nurhadi said on Monday.

"Most officials have committed flagrant violations, such as corruption and breaching administrative procedures and planning," Muljani said.

Of the total number of officials sanctioned, some 313 were listed among the 1998/1999 cases of indiscipline, while 466 others among the 1999/2000 cases.

Muljani said 440 out of the 799 officials have been dishonorably discharged, while others have received various sanctions such as no salary hikes, official warnings or transference to other units.

"The ministry also received letters of complaint from the public on the performance of all officers here. We received a total of 1,130 letters from Tromol Pos 5000 (official postal service for complaints) as well as other reports," he said.

Of the complaints sent to the Tromol Pos 5000, poor administrative services top the reports with 33.89 percent or 383 complaints, corruption/illegal levies with 28.67 percent or 324 complaints and misuse of authority with 27.71 percent or 313 complaints.

"We realize that the high number of violations reflect weaknesses in management and control within the units of the ministry.

"It also reflects the lack of guidance and training for personnel. Therefore we have ordered all unit chiefs to be aware of the certain posts that are prone to malfeasance," Muljani added. (edt)