Sun, 10 Oct 1999

Nothing middling about Midplaza

Physically towering above its neighbors on Jl. Sudirman in Jakarta's Golden Triangle, the capital's prime business and commercial area, and symbolically dwarfing its competitors in the office space market, Midplaza embodies the future of office environments.

What sets Midplaza apart from its competitors and allows it to lead the market is its unique Superblock concept. A Superblock is an interconnected block of office buildings, hotel, apartments and retail space. Or, to be more precise, everything businesspeople need in one self-contained block.

With Midplaza 1, Midplaza 2 and the Kempinski Hotel Plaza and apartments, which was completed in 1998, this Superblock concept has come to fruition and is the only one of its kind in the very heart of Jakarta.

The most important part of the equation is the office space, and Midplaza 1 and Midplaza 2 provide the finest office environment in the capital. There are three main factors to be considered by companies looking for office space. These are location, quality of tenants and the quality of the building. In all three of these categories, and an any other category one wishes to come up with, Midplaza is the market leader.

Located in the heart of Jakarta's central business district on the main artery of Jl. Sudirman, Midplaza is accessible from all directions. Whether coming from north, south, east or west, commuters will be able to reach Midplaza effortlessly and avoiding three-in-one zones which are the plague of other businesspeople in the city.

And upon reaching Midplaza, businesspeople will be pleased to discover the ample parking space in Midplaza's five basement parking lots. These spacious parking lots have the capacity to accommodate 1,700 cars, giving Midplaza the best ratio of parking space to tenants of any office building in the city. There is no need to explain why, in Jakarta, this is a supreme advantage to businesspeople.

In terms of quality of tenants, Midplaza boasts the best of international companies as its tenants. The roll call of tenants reads as a who's who of international business: Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi, Bayer, ABB, Hughes, Rolls Royce, and the list goes on and on with one distinguished name after the other.

In the business world, the company you keep says a lot about you, and there is no finer assemblage of companies than at Midplaza. With this prime address and the roster of international companies surrounding you, your image among clients will automatically rise, giving you that extra edge which is so often needed for success.

Midplaza, again, comes out on top when discussing quality of building. When looking at the actual building itself, i.e. materials used in construction and the quality of the construction work, Midplaza rises above the rest.

There are three types of buildings available in Jakarta: Strata title buildings, Build, Operate, Transfer (BOT) buildings and rental buildings. A strata title building is one in which the developer is no longer responsible for the building once the office units have been sold. This, as you could well imagine, causes a lot of difficulties with less than scrupulous developers constructing their buildings with nothing but short-term profit in mind. If the building stands long enough for the office space to be rented, thus removing from them all responsibility, the developer is pleased. Clearly, this type of building usually is not built to last.

A BOT building is one in which the developer owns the building while the land is owned by another party. Generally, the building is transferred to the land owner after 20 to 30 years, meaning, again, the developer is most likely keeping his eye on the short- term profit, not caring if the building has been constructed to survive.

Midplaza belongs to the last group, or rental buildings. Midplaza is owned by the developer, who earns revenue by renting units in the building. So, the building has been constructed of the best materials to last far into the future and continue to satisfy the most demanding of tenants, because Midplaza is a long-term investment on the part of the developer.

Another, equally important component of building quality is the facilities offered to tenants. Midplaza offers the most modern and complete facilities to satisfy the every need and want of companies operating in today's world of global business. All of the units in Midplaza can be directly connected to Indosat with a fiber optic link. This provides the fastest and highest quality Internet connection for those companies in Midplaza and get the benefits without paying the telephone charges.

Indosat also provides Midplaza tenants the International Business Satellite (IBS), which provides a communications link between offices in Jakarta and overseas offices.

Also, all the units in Midplaza can be connected to Telkom with a fiber optic cable, providing Midplaza with the fastest telecommunications services available. Midplaza is truly linked to the future of business.

Midplaza also offers tenants the old standby television stations, only with a modern twist. Tenants at Midplaza are given more than 30 local and international stations, offering news and information from seemingly every country of their choosing. They can get the Japanese, German, French, Italian and Australian stations, as well as news from CNBC, Bloomberg and the BBC. And if needing a break from all this information and wishing to escape the pressures of business for a while, they can enjoy a movie on Cinemax.

Also located in Midplaza are those facilities which are necessary for day-to-day living. There are seven restaurants serving Japanese, Chinese, European and Indonesian cuisine. There is also a post office, local and international banks, a hair salon, printing and photocopy services, a convenience store, a travel agent, a stationery store, a dental clinic and a florist.

With all of this it is no wonder that international consultants have rated Midplaza Grade A Premium based on its quality, location and facilities.

With all of this, one still has to mention the Kempinski Hotel Plaza, which is part of the Midplaza Superblock and is connected to Midplaza by an underground walkway. Kempinski Hotel Plaza offers all the grace and service one expects from a five-star hotel. For those executives at Midplaza who would like to stroll to work in the morning, there are 241 apartments at Kempinski Plaza, to go along with the 376 guest rooms.

At Kempinski one will be greeted with a luxurious fitness center, restaurants and lounges serving the finest cuisine and cocktails, all in the most lavish surroundings. There are also 4,000 square meters of retail space on the hotel's lower ground floor, including the Pantry, a gourmet store which caters to expatriates and all those who want the finest foods and wines.

With its superior service, lavish surroundings, exquisite location and modern facilities, the Midplaza Superblock is clearly charting new territory in the office property market. Truly, office property does not adequately describe Midplaza, which is more a self-contained city of elegance and charm, where the country's business leaders gather to plot a course for tomorrow.

If you would like to join this exclusive club, contact Midplaza to secure your unit in the country's premier office environment.

For more information contact Midplaza at: Phone: (021) 5700599, 5700550, 5706200; Fax: (021) 5734555; E-mail: (dey)


Midplaza embodies the future of office environments.