Tue, 23 Aug 1994

Noted figures to attend Bali business meeting

JAKARTA (JP): Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the founder of USA Today, Allen Neuhart, and a member of the Japanese Keindanren business association, Kazuo Nukazawa, will be among the speakers at the Bali Business Conference (BBC) at Nusa Dua, Bali, next month.

The conference director, Aldo Tobing, said over the weekend that the conference, to be held by Indonesia Junior Chamber (IJC) from Sept. 7 to 10, is expected to attract 2,000 local and international entrepreneurs.

The conference, with the theme "Global Economic Development with Environmental Concern", is included in the agenda of the Junior Chamber International (JCI).

IJC groups young Indonesian entrepreneurs who are also members of Hipmi (the Association of Young Indonesian Businessmen).


Tobing said JCI, which has 400,000 members in 90 countries, has registered 1,300 members around the world to participate in the Bali conference, including 1,000 from Japan, 100 from South Korea and the other 1,000 from various countries, such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United States, Germany, Australia, Belgium, France and Italy, as well as several African countries.

Hipmi's chairman, Adiputra Tahir, said Indonesian businessmen are encouraged to attend the conference because it can provide business contacts.

Handoyo, chairman of the committee for the meeting, said the conference is also expected to produce recommendations for the leadership meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), which will be held in Bogor, south of here, in November.

He said the Bali conference would also formulate a resolution to be brought to the North-South talks, which will be held in the United Nations headquarters in New York early next year. The resolution will also be presented at JCI's world congress. (05)