Sat, 13 May 2000

Not a pretty picture

I bought a Kodak DC 240 digital camera about nine months ago (it is still under warranty) from one of PT Macindo dealers in Indonesia. I brought the camera in for servicing to PT Macindo on March 6, 2000. (PT Macindo is the authorized distributor for Kodak digital cameras in Indonesia, as known from their aggressive promotion).

PT Macindo could not service the camera and had to send it to Kodak Singapore for service. PT Macindo can only sell the cameras and has no capability for after-sales service (they said the camera had "serious damage").

Kodak Singapore asked for S$200 merely for labor, with the argument that it was the customer's fault, the teeth of the camera were broken (how can Kodak prove that it was the customer's fault?). I refused to pay the charges, as the camera is still under warranty.

At last, I offered them the chance to return to me US$482.40 ($600 for the camera less S$200 in repair charges) and they could keep the camera, but their "generous" offer was $177 after numerous deductions. I refused.

I would not have bought a Kodak digital camera in the first place if I had been aware of the lousy service they provide.

I complained to Kodak USA and Kodak Australia with no results (they just forwarded my letter to Kodak Singapore -- they apparently agree with Kodak Singapore's way of handling this matter). It seems the customer has nothing to say, but must simply accept whatever Kodak has to offer.

It is a real shame that Kodak, as a world-class multinational company, offers this kind of service.

As of now (more than three months), I still cannot use my camera. Imagine if somebody depended on the camera to earn a living!