Thu, 04 Mar 1999

Nokia eyes affluent segment

JAKARTA (JP): Finnish cellular phone manufacturer Nokia Mobile Phones Indonesia launched a new product on Wednesday to tap into the upmarket business segment.

Nokia sales and marketing manager Hasan Aula said the relatively expensive cellular device would be marketed to businesspeople relatively unaffected by the country's economic crisis.

"Mobile businesspeople need an advanced communications device which enables users to check e-mail, download a file, edit and save it, and then sent it by fax anywhere they go," he said. "Besides, many people prefer to stay and do business at home due to the uncertain security situation. They need a communication device which could move their office to their home."

The Nokia 9110 communicator is a pocket-size advanced communication device which is designed as a mobile office for mobile businesspeople.

The device will also function as a personal organizer and provide access to e-mail on the Internet, telefax and short message services up to 2,280 characters. (gis)