Tue, 11 Oct 1994


Noble deeds

From Kompas

Moslems should pay attention to Mohamad Sobary's article in Kompas' "Asal Usul" Column (Aug. 28, 1994) about Maulid. We celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad every year. But we tend to forget one of the aspects of the mission of the Prophet -- namely to spread and institutionalize noble deeds.

We should not turn a blind eye to the fact that for many of us noble deeds are just lip service. It is even more saddening that the practice of "the end justifies the means" has become standard practice nowadays. So also is the practice of one blaming the other, and pointing out another's shortcomings. It seems that there is no more politeness and sensitivity in ourselves. Islamic values, sense of brotherhood and friendliness have been pushed into the background of our lives. What a great pity!

Differences of opinions in society do exist and are inevitable. But isn't there any way as prescribed by Islam by which we can resolve problems, ways which are based on nobleness? The Javanese wise words say: ngono yo ngono, ning ojo ngono, which roughly means don't overact.

By paying attention to the prevailing trend of attitude and to make an effort to stop it may help turn a hazardous situation around. Sobary puts it in his article: "What if the Prophet were ashamed of us being His followers?"


Bekasi, West Java