Sat, 02 Dec 2000

No more factory outlets allowed

BANDUNG: The city administration here has suspended the issuance of licenses for factory outlets until January next year because of public complaints of traffic jams resulting from the stores.

The spokesman for the city administration, Yuyus Suhaya, said on Thursday complaints had flooded into City Hall over the past few months from residents who said they became stuck in traffic on certain streets, particularly during weekends.

The street with the worst traffic jams during weekends reportedly is Jl. Dago, and most of the vehicles belong to people who have traveled from out of town to shop at the factory outlets.

Yuyus said the city administration had registered only 50 outlets, but the actual number was twice as high. A number of illegal outlets have been opened on Jl. Cipaganti and Jl. Dr. Otten, which are located in residential areas.

"We will take disciplinary action against illegal outlets and move them to an area that will resemble retail centers in Cihampelas and Cibaduyut," Yuyus said. (25)