Thu, 13 Oct 1994

Night transport not yet smooth

The city's night transportation system, applied over the last few days, has not run as smoothly as expected, says an official of the city administration.

HM Djuhdi, head of the transportation development office of the City Land Transportation and Traffic Control Agency (DLLAJ) , said that bus companies have not fully supported this system as is reflected by limited number of firms entering in the night transport business.

Twelve bus companies are operating in the Greater Jakarta at present but only half of them provide night transport services, he was quoted by the Antara news agency as saying.

Those providing night transport services are Mayasari Bhakti, PPD, Metromini, Mikrolet, KWK and Kopaja, he added.

Herman Tonglo Langi, head of the traffic sub-control agency of DLLAJ, said that based on his agency's evaluation many buses served night routes at random. "Only a few of them abode by existing regulations by dropping passengers at terminals on their routes," he said.(hhr)