Wed, 31 Mar 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Balikpapan:A number of environmental NGOs united to reject the government’s plan to revitalize palm oil plantation in Indonesia. According to the NGOs, revitalization is seen to put palm oil farmers at a disadvantage.

“Actually, who is the revitalization policy aimed for? Because it will only profit national and international palm companies,” said the Head of Sawit Watch campaign department, Jeffry Gideon Saragih, Monday (29/3).

The 18 million hectare palm oil revitalized plantation land, he said, will be obtained from people’s plasma palm plantation which are considered not economical. “They seize it in various ways, using subtle methods, including force,” he explained. Seven people have been arrested by the police for refusing to revitalize their lands in Banyu Asin Musi and Sanggau. Meanwhile, four persons in South Tapanuli are missing.

Instead of revitalization, Jeffry proposed aid in the form of fertilizer, pest control and credit facility from banks.