Wed, 19 Apr 2000

New parking system in Jakarta

A large amount of criticism has been voiced against the policy of the Jakarta administration, especially the Parking Management. They continue to implement the old parking system with an increase in parking rates, effective March 23, 2000. Motorists now pay Rp 1,000 instead of Rp 500 for parking, while motorcyclists spend Rp 500 instead of Rp 300. All the agencies involved in parking in Jakarta, including the ranks of officials in the Jakarta administration, can continue to feast on parking revenue estimated to reach tens of billion of rupiah.

It really does not make sense, presumably in an attempt to deceive a community they consider stupid, if the parking authorities, with their new rates, only target net revenue of two Rp 2 billion in the 2000 budget year (gross revenue Rp 16 billion, expenditures Rp 14 billion) without mentioning any details or calculations. Full disclosure will only lift the mask covering the dirty intention of collusion, corruption and nepotism.

We know that the Jakarta administration and the Parking Management are full of clever people who should be able to create a transparent, controlled system with equitable distribution to parking attendants, field supervisors, the Parking Management and the administration.

Jakarta City Councilors and the Indonesian Consumer Institute should reject the implementation of the system because it is in contradiction with the reform era, which gives precedence to transparency. This is only possible if parking attendants do not receive cash from customers. They should receive tickets which can be cashed in at banks. The regional administration can further develop the system by establishing different rates for luxury cars and standard cars. Owners of luxury cars can be compelled to buy parking tickets every year when renewing their car ownership documents.

It is the task of the Jakarta administration and Parking Management to develop a system with an emphasis on transparency.

Governor Sutiyoso, give us something refreshing, aboveboard and transparent in the parking system. The current system pungently smells of collusive, corruptive and nepotistic practices.