Sat, 15 May 2004

New market fees too high, say traders

TANGERANG: About 900 traders in the Pasar Anyar traditional market protested on Friday about high fees imposed on them by developer PT Cikupa Raya, which has been given the project to renovate the market.

Jamal, 56, of the Tangerang Pasar Anyar Traders Union (HIPAT), said traders were told by the company they had to pay it Rp 3.5 million (US$402) per square meter of their kiosk space.

"The amount of the fee is similar to the price of a new kiosk, while many of us do not need renovations. The sum does not include the Rp 350,000 administrative fee we have to pay to the developer," he said.

Councillor B.H. Jamaludin said the council would soon summon the market operator and the developer to a hearing over the matter.

Operator PD Pasar said it had nothing to do with the fee, which was set by the developer. --JP