Thu, 13 Apr 2000

New Internet tie-up formed

JAKARTA (JP): E-business consulting company PT Metamedia Interaktif formed a partnership on Wednesday with Internet application provider Vignette Corp. of Texas and Singapore-based BROKAT Asia Pte. Ltd., a supplier of secure solutions for on-line transactions.

Metamedia Chief Executive Officer Howard Chu said the partnership's business plan is to assist Indonesian companies to effectively expand their businesses through the Internet.

"Vignette and BROKAT provide two critical components for e- business success: a secure platform for electronic transactions and a solution for customer acquisition and retention," he said.

The partnership offers a solution for the needs of blue chip companies, companies new in the Internet business, and other mediums for businesses like mobile phones and Wireless Application Protocol.

Metamedia's clients include PT Harita Kencana Securities, Mahanusa Securities and publicly listed company of Tirta Mahakam. (10)