Wed, 10 Feb 2010

From: The Jakarta Post

By Arghea Desafti Hapsari, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
A number of experts and scholars in economics and politics declared the foundation of the Indonesian Political Economy Association (AEPI) on Tuesday, aiming to help Indonesia move toward an independent economy.

Among the those involved were economists Hendri Saparini and Ichsanudin Noorsy, lecturer Samsul Hadi from the University of Indonesia, PLN labor union’s chairman Ahmad Daryoko and Henri Saragih, who is an international coordinator at an international peasant movement Via Campesina.

Another of the economists founding the association, Revrisond Baswir, said that the movement was born amidst the concern over the country’s economic and political condition, which he said was dominated by foreign forces.

Among AEPI’s resolutions is to analyze and give correction to Indonesia’s political economic policies to bring them in line with the constitution. The new association also resolves to come up with and spread ideas on the importance of independence in the country’s economy.