Sat, 27 Sep 2003

Navy chief grilled over asset report

JAKARTA: The Public Servants Wealth Audit Commission (KPKPN) questioned Navy Chief of Staff Adm. Bernard Kent Sondakh on Friday over his incomplete assets report.

KPKPN deputy chairman Muchayat said after the questioning that the commission had found nothing suspicious after Sondakh completed the wealth report and provided supporting documents.

"Concerning his income, Pak Sondakh also reported his monthly salary from his current job as Navy chief and as commissioner of PT PAL," he said.

PT PAL is a state-owned shipbuilding company in Surabaya, East Java. Sondakh was governor of the Military Academy in 2001 when he submitted the assets report. He was appointed Navy chief and PT PAL's commissioner in 2002.

The admiral said he also had another job in the state-owned insurance company for servicemen, "and the job gives me additional income".

Sondakh, however, declined to disclose his monthly income, only saying that his total assets amounted to Rp 1.8 billion (US$2 million). --JP