Mon, 22 Aug 1994

National film sluggish

From Sinar Pagi

The sluggishness of the Indonesian film business is caused by the society's declining interest in seeing the films. The cinema goers have much stronger desires to see foreign films which are more appealing and are supported by luring posters.

Appealing films do not mean that the films must present pornographic scenes. Such scenes will only give the impression that the producers have low taste. They should not make it an excuse for trying to break through the sluggishness of national films.

Under these circumstances, the efforts made by Perfiki (Association of Indonesian Mobile Films) to meet society's demands deserve our praise. This body promises films which can uphold national cultural values. They are preparing for such films as Tumbal (The Antidote), Si Jampang Membakar Betawi (Jampang Sets Fire to Betawi) and other films of the kind.

Open air film shows by Perfiki need our support. The largest portion of audiences to these films consist of middle and low- income people. In other words, Perfiki is an effective propagandist of national films.