Fri, 03 Mar 2000

Nabila Florist

I am deeply disappointed by the service of Nabila Florist. On Feb. 10, 2000, I ordered a floral wreath via facsimile to Canada, where it was still Feb. 9 as Indonesian time is 15 hours ahead.

The flowers were to arrive in Canada on Feb. 10 in the afternoon. Given the availability of facsimile, telephone and the Internet, I did not quite understand the florist's employee's explanations that two days were required for the delivery, i.e. on Feb. 12. Do florists in Canada require one full day to find flowers and another full day to arrange them? Anyway, I asked her help to have the wreath delivered on time and offered her to send a fax containing the address of the destination in Canada, but it was rejected. I once ordered flowers at another florist's with the same time span for delivery and the flowers arrived on time.

Meanwhile, I have inquired nearly everyday on the status of my order. I have always received the same reply: "waiting for the receipt from Canada". We have not been charged so far because of the absence of the receipt. The employee has been trying to convince me that the flowers have been received. By the end of February, however, I only wanted to know about one thing. Was the order for flowers really passed on to Canada and were the flowers delivered according to it?

Will the florist immediately send us the receipt and charge us? The experience has left me wondering how the florist dare to place an advertisement on p.363 of the Yellow Pages saying that the shop sends flowers to the whole world and how I can convince my superior, a Canadian, that we are able and can be relied on to carry out such a trivial task?

I am waiting for a response from the owner of Nabila Florist.