Fri, 05 Dec 2003

Mysterious virus kills chicken in Yogya

YOGYAKARTA: In the past few days, thousands of chicken died of being attacked by mysterious virus in Sentolo district, the Yogyakarta regency of Kulonprogo.

Poniman, a poultry breeder, said that he had lost over 2,000 chicken over the deadly virus.

"They were seen healthy, but they suddenly died," Poniman, a resident in Srikayangan village in Sentolo, said on Thursday.

Suprat, Poniman's neighbor, shared the similar experience. He has lost some 1,600 out of his 4,000 total chicken in the past few days due to the mysterious virus.

Endang Purwaningrum, the head of Kulonprogo regency's Animal Husbandry Section, confirmed after preliminary investigation that the carnage was caused by a virus.

However, she acknowledged that she was investigating the kind of the virus that stirred carnage in the district. -- JP