Sun, 26 Mar 2000

My cousin Betty

Smiles and grins all over her face,
Day and night she's always blessed,
With luck and forgiveness from everywhere;
My cousin Betty, you've never been in a muddle

I love being around my cousin Betty,
Everyone loves her, especially her daddy.
He's proud of her marks and her brainy little head;
My cousin Betty, she's the star in the family.

Never got a B, everything is A for my cousin Betty,
She seemed relaxed and not working too hard.
Until the day, you arrived in reality,
No panicking, you have it all, 'cause you are my cousin Betty.

But, it got worse, my cousin Betty seemed to slip away,
Her daddy pushed so hard to make her sway.
So hard that I wanted to tell my cousin Betty
Everything' s gonna be all right.
But it's too late. On Sunday night
Her daddy found her with a hole in her head.

Her plan

She looks at life from different angle,
Life seems too hard for her sulky heart.
None of her dreams come to reality,
She hates her life so much she wants to end it.

Decided not to pass thirty-five,
See if something changes in between.
The time is coming, just around the corner,
Still she hasn't loved her life that much.

Thinking of taking it without any pain,
Don't want to disappoint those who love her.
Wait until they've gone away,
And the grief that comes to follow.

They've gone now, it's time to face the goal,
Coming to eternity and the dream of a dreamer.
Set it up, mark it up, hold it up.
With a brief grasp, she's gone forever.

By Monik A.