Sat, 22 Feb 2003

Movie to make cannibal famous

PURWOKERTO, Central Java: Sumanto, a suspect being held for cannibalism in Purbalingga regency, Central Java, is set to rise to fame because a Jakarta-based film producer wants to make a movie based on his inhuman acts.

Purbalingga Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Agus Sofyan Abadi said here on Friday that PT Kharisma Star Vision Plus had approached Sumanto about making a movie based on his life as a cannibal.

"Star Vision must obtain permission from the Central Java Police and later pay a royalty to Sumanto," he said.

Sumanto, 30, sparked outrage after he confessed recently to stealing a human corpse from a grave in Purbalingga and eating it to obtain supernatural powers.

The suspect also reportedly killed two men who tried to rob him in Lampung province and ate their flesh.

The company's film crew has visited Sumanto's village in Kemangkon subdistrict, where his last act of cannibalism reportedly took place before he was arrested by the police in Purbalingga. --JP