Mon, 09 Oct 2000

Motorcycle thieves beaten to death

BOGOR (JP): Angry residents of Sukahati village in Cibinong fatally mobbed two men who were caught red-handed while attempting to steal a motorcycle in the area on Saturday evening.

Second Sgt. Dwi of the Bogor Precinct confirmed the incident but could not give further details.

According to a resident, Sueb, the two men were already on his property and were attempting to make off with his motorcycle, which was parked in the yard, when he heard the sound of the motorcycle's engine.

"I heard the sound of the engine being started... I rushed outside and spotted the two men there. Then I shouted "thief ... thief!" to alert the neighbors," he said.

His neighbors, he explained, managed to grab the two and beat them incessantly, until a resident, named Karnaen, helped shield the two.

"Karnaen then alerted the police, who later rushed the two men to the Bogor Red Cross Hospital. But the two died on their way to the hospital," he added.

Locals identified the two as public transport driver Slamet Heriono and casual worker Edi. (21/lup)