Tue, 19 Mar 2002

From: Jawawa

Motorcycle thief mobbed to death

BOGOR: A man accused of stealing a motorcycle was burned to death by angry mob in front of the village hall in Cikeas, Sukaraja district, Bogor regency.

The mob attacked Ahmad Komarudin, 22, as he offered the bike to a villager on Saturday night. He first asked for Rp 2 million (less than US$200), but then said he would let it go at any price.

Head of the Kedunghalang police subprecint, Second Insp. Sumaryoto said the incident began when Ahmad asked an ojek (motorcycle taxi) driver, Kodir, 17, to take him to Gunung Pancar in Babakan Madang village.

Upon their arrival at the destination, Ahmad gave Kodir Rp 50,000 and asked him to buy him some cigarettes from a stall to get some change.

When Kodir was buying the cigarettes, Ahmad left with the motorcycle.

The news spread among about 200 ojek drivers in the area who immediately began searching for the motorcycle. Some of them spotted it as Ahmad was trying to sell it.

With the help of local residents, they attacked Ahmad. One of them poured gasoline over his body and lit it.

Police arrived at the location only to find a burned body.--JP