Sat, 27 Aug 1994

Motorcross c'ships in Bandung today

JAKARTA (JP): A three-day coaching clinic for national crossers concluded yesterday is expected to boost their skills when they take to the field for the third round of the Lucky Strike International Motorcross Championship in Bandung starting today.

The organizing committee invited Hungarian world rated coach Kokenyeshi Gyorgy for the coaching clinic which began on Wednesday at Gardenville Mountain Park View in Cisarua near Bandung, which is also the venue for the championship.

"National leading crossers including Johnny Pranata, Frans Tanujaya and Pieters Tanujaya are very glad to be given a chance to take part in clinics as it has further broaden their knowledge in the sport they love," committee secretary Faryd Sungkar said.

He said the race will be more challenging for the hosts as there will be 12 top foreign crossers from Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Hungarian coach who owns one of the best motorcross training schools in Budapest, praised the track which he found very satisfying. Gyorgy is also the FIM Motorcross vice president. (rsl).