Fri, 02 May 2003

Motorbike lost at Secure Parking lot

On March 31, my Honda Grand Astrea was stolen from the parking lot at the Iskandarsyah Building, an area managed by Secure Parking company.

On that day, at approximately 5:30 p.m., I went down to basement level 2 (B2) where I had parked my motorbike in the morning. To my shock, I found that my motorbike had disappeared.

I reported the incident to the Secure Parking guard, but he was unable to do anything personally. I then went to the Iskandarsyah Building on April 1 to report the incident to a Secure Parking employee. Together, we then reported the theft to Taman Puring police station.

On April 9, Firdaus, a representative of Secure Parking company, paid me a visit to inquire once again what had happened on March 31. The explanation I received from Secure Parking was that the company could not be held responsible for any losses occurring within its parking lot, and that Secure Parking could compensate me for the loss only to the tune of Rp 1 million.

My concern is how can a motorbike parked in a supposedly secure parking lot, guarded by two security posts, leave the lot without its parking ticket? This then raised another concern: What is the point in employing security guards if they don't do their job?

I can only conclude that parking at lots managed by Secure Parking, an established company that claims to be professional in its line of work, is no more secure than parking at the roadside.