Wed, 24 Sep 2003

Mortar found at market trash

JAKARTA: A mortar was found by a scavenger, Bahri, on Monday evening in a pile of garbage behind the Blok A traditional market, in Fatmawati, South Jakarta. He found the mortar wrapped in a black plastic bag inside a cardboard box.

Bahri reported the finding to the market security guard on duty who later passed the information on to the Kebayoran Baru police.

Kebayoran Baru police detective chief First Insp. Robert De Deo confirmed the finding of the rocket-shaped mortar measuring 40 centimeters, but he refused to give out the type of mortar and explain whether or not the mortar was still active.

"Following the finding, we contacted the police bomb squad to take it away. The mortar is being examined by the squad," he said. --JP