Wed, 10 Mar 2010

TEMPO Interactive, Makassar:There are more opportunities for South Sulawesi premium commodities to penetrate the international market.

The Department of Trade has invited 25 trade attachés to discuss the export potential of five premium commodities of the region, namely rice, corn, cacao, seaweed and shrimp.

The trade attachés were in Makassar from 8 March until 9 March.

They had discussions with South Sulawesi Trade officers, entrepreneurs, Trade and Industry Chamber members and related agencies.

The meetings held discussions to find solutions on how to make the region’s premium commodities accepted abroad.

“It’s about time that the region’s farm and sea commodities get attention from all the trade attachés,” said Ardiansyah Parman, Secretary General of the Trade Department during the South Sulawesi coordination meeting with Indonesia Trade Attachés and the Indonesia Trade centre at the Clarion Makassar Hotel yesterday.

Ardiansyah explained that the meeting was an important occasion to improve communication and find trade methods for several regional premium commodities.

The presence of Trade attachés reinforced commitment between the central government and the region so beneficial synergies could be reached.

The trade representations represent 44 region and cities from all over the world.
They really understand the overseas market characteristic.

The two-day meeting was attended by Indonesian trade attaches to the U.S, the Netherlands, China, France and Japan.

It is expected that the meeting will result in South Sulawesi becoming be the trade centre of earth resources, fish and mineral commodities.

“Our partners abroad will surely have a role in marketing. They have to maintain coordination with the regions. Cooperation with all interested parties should be carried out,” said Ardiansyah.

Governor Syahrul Yasin Limpo in his speech said that trade attachés have to provide optimum trade facilities for all commodities to be marketed in the international market.

Syarul also asked trade attachés to explore all potentials and needs of regions that have promising natural resource potentials.

“This is the first business meeting held in South Sulawesi. It is about time that the government thinks about how to increase trade and not just about quality and production,” said Syahrul.

Amar Kadir, Head of the Trade and Industry Office, said that there was special treatment applied globally for multinational trade.

In anticipation of this, swift action in the trade sector needs to be carried out and it should receive special treatment.

“Coordination with the attachés should be export oriented and should be more proactive. This is a good opportunity to introduce the entire region’s potentials,” said Amar.