Tue, 05 Feb 2002

More on Kabelvision

The letter sent by Mr. Guy M. Robinson on Feb. 2, 2002 regarding Kabelvision was far too kind.

Once again I congratulate Kabelvision for disappointing their paying customers with a misleading run of adverts on the live broadcast of the Super Bowl. To add insult to injury, Kabelvision has informed us that they will also increase their monthly fees, providing the reason that customers will, as a result, enjoy better programs.

I am wondering where this increase in payment will go? I realize this is not the first time Kabelvision has failed to satisfy their customers. We remember very well what happened to the English Premier League last year. Now I am wondering if Kabelvision will lose their right to broadcast the NBA playoffs or finals from April through to June? Like they say in the television business.. Stay tuned!