Sat, 06 Aug 1994

More jobs for S. Jakarta people

South Jakarta Mayor H. Pardjoko launched an employment program in Tebet which will provide jobs for 270 people on Wednesday.

The new recruits will be employed in several city projects, including the construction of a 7,650-meter-long duct to prevent flooding on the city's streets.

The mayoralty will recruit the people from five subdistricts, including Pasar Minggu, Tegal Parang and Pela Mampang. They will be paid from Rp 2,000 ($0.92) to RP 3,000 ($1.3) a day.

Pardjoko said the program was aimed at helping reduce the high number of unemployed in the mayoralty.

"Only 30 percent of job seekers can find employment in South Jakarta," he said.

Of the 9,067 people looking for jobs, only 2,810 could find employment, he added. (03)