Wed, 24 May 2000

More companies launch new website services

JAKARTA (JP): Internet companies PT Mega Portal Media and PT Websolusi Com have launched website services to tap into the growing number of Internet users in the country.

Mega Portal president Sony Sugama said here on Tuesday the company's offered a step-by-step program with various e-commerce templates to enable users to create their own websites with a capacity of 200 megabytes.

"Customers just have to choose the designs and instantly type in their profiles according to their needs," Sony told reporters at the launch of the website. "The membership fee is US$10 per month," he added.

Sony said that the company would promote members' websites to search engine portals, help them with website management and arrange an online payment system.

He said that the company, which used CBN and Indosat servers, spent at least Rp 400 million ($48,192) establishing the business and expected to reach breakeven point within the next three months.

PT Websolusi Com's director Saver S.Amin said the company's, formally launched on Monday, offered job recruitment services.

The company is the second local job recruitment website after, which was launched here in April.

Saver said job seekers could access job listings or look for company profiles and job details, and then send their applications via e-mail.

As for companies, they could advertise vacant positions and select new employees in a more effective way, Saver said, adding that all the services were free.

The company, which spent $200,000 establishing the business, is a joint venture with foreign enterprises. (07)