Fri, 14 Jan 2000

More bodies found in Aceh

LHOKSEUMAWE, North Aceh: Locals recovered two unidentified male bodies in Blang Buloh village, Blang Mangat district, Lhokseumawe, on Wednesday night.

"Like the previous nine bodies dug up earlier on Wednesday noon, it's difficult to identify the two corpses because they are already decomposed," a resident said.

The two bodies, buried only 10 centimeters below the surface, were taken to Lhokseumawe hospital and buried in a mass grave at Kuta Blang public cemetery late on Thursday.

Witnesses said they found the bodies after receiving a phone call from an anonymous man, who told them to look for piles of dirt in certain spots in the village.

There was a Mobile Brigade Police station at the village until a month ago, locals said.

"We don't know the link between the bodies and the Mobile Brigade station. But some believe that those bodies belonged to suspects who were kept in police detention," a resident who asked not to be named said. (50/edt)