Sat, 05 Apr 2003

Monas not yet ready for deer

JAKARTA: The 10 deer from Bogor Palace expected to be transferred to the city later this month will be placed in the Ragunan Zoo in South Jakarta, pending the completion of their new home in the National Monument (Monas) park.

Maurits Napitupulu, head of the City Parks Agency, said only 80 percent of the 5.2 hectares being prepared for the deer had been completed, Antara reported.

The 10 deer, two males and eight females, will be quarantined at Ragunan for one month before being sent to Monas.

Their new home in Monas will include a pond where they can drink and special grass for their meals.

Governor Sutiyoso's plan to release deer in the park has been criticized by many, who are worried the animals will suffer from stress if they are not handled properly.--JP