Wed, 31 Mar 1999

Mobil Oil presents humanitarian aid

JAKARTA: Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc. presented on Monday a humanitarian aid package worth US$800,000 to state hospitals in five towns.

Comprising medicines, nutrition and surgery equipment, the aid was dispatched to assist hospitals provide medical care for the needy. Hospital beneficiaries are Cipto Mangunkusumo in Jakarta, Sutomo in Surabaya, Pirngadi in Medan, Zaenoel Abidin in Banda Aceh and Gunungjati in Cirebon, West Java.

Mobil Oil Indonesia's vice president A. Judin, said at a ceremony at the Ministry of Health, that the hospitals were expected to exempt more poor patients from medical fees and improve their services.

Medication donated includes anti-indigestion drugs, antibiotics, eye drops and insulin. The medicine and surgery devices were shipped from the U.S., Judin said.