Mon, 29 Dec 2003

MMC Hospital safe? Guess what!

It is not!! Hospital MMC (Metropolitan Medical Center) is not a safe place to go for a medical check-up.

Here is my sad experience on Dec. 13.

My wife and I went to MMC Kuningan where we had an appointment with Dr. Damayanti (THT). As we were registered as 36th patient, we were asked to be there before 3 p.m. what we did. We remain seated in the "waiting room" for more than 3 hours before we got a chance that our number was called by the Doctor's assistant.

To keep busy, while waiting a visibly very over-booked doctor, I brought along some readings in an office bag and had as well my usual "hand bag". This "hand bag", besides a small amount of money (Rp 1120.000) in my purse, mainly contained all my personal and important documents (passport, KITAP, ID card, driving license, credit card, and some other medical membership cards), and as well some important medical papers.

I was keeping these 2 bags close to me on the next empty chair on my left, without forgetting to keep an eye on it as often as possible. Clearly it was not "often" enough, when all of sudden, and before getting called by the Dr., I realized that my hand bag was gone. I immediately went for assistance and help from the registration counter and security (Satpam) that shown-up some 10 minutes later.

Unfortunately, everything looks "quiet" and "normal" and didn't notice any one moving out in a hurry. Useless to say that assistance from the MMC personal was none. Except the car park attendant that said it was quite common there...

Conclusion to all of this, my bag has been stolen and I am now in big,big. troubles with all the formalities ahead of me to renew my documents.

This is probably an act of a very needy person!! But for sure a specialist operating in this area and taking the opportunity on easy targets (weak and sick people) that are more concern to meet a doctor than watching their belongings... Who could believe that "pickpockets" as well operate in a place like a hospital!

When I asked the MMC's management to contact all patient waiting with me the same day between 3 and 5 p.m. their answer was a no. Because of etis (etiquette) ...I only ask MMC to call them as to know if they noticed something strange around me at that time. Nothing more!

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