Mon, 15 Feb 2010

Pangkalpinang (ANTARA News) - Law No. 4 of 2009 on mineral and coal mining will be revised after a working visit of the Bangka Belitung (Babel) Provincial legislative assembly (DPRD) to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

"From our visit to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights on February 10, we found out that the Mineral and Coal Mining Act will be revised," said Babel DPRD chief Ismiryadi in Pangkalpinang, Sunday.

He said the Babel Council working visit to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights was aimed at conveying the aspirations of Babel tin miners who felt the law was against their interest.

"The mineral and coal mining law carried only general rules, such as mining areas and mining auctions, which does not accommodate the interest of tin miners," he said.

The Babel council had discussed with the ministry the miners` complaints about the tin mines in their region, because some articles do not match the real situation in the area, Ismiryadi said.

"There are several articles in the mineral and coal mining law that are not implemented equally in the regions, namely Articles 22, 51, 52 and 54," he said.

He added, the ministry recommended that the result of the visit be submitted to the House of Representatives (Commission VII) and the Regional Council for immediate revision of the law.

"The mining law is only recommended to be revised, not revoked, since Babel and several other regions in Indonesia do not resort to a judicial review, as it will most likely revoke the law," he said.

He explained that there are articles in the law that are against public mining areas. (*)