Sun, 26 Dec 2010


VIVAnews - Indonesia's revenue from energy and mineral resources in 2009 reached 24 percent of the total national income.

"Our mineral resources are ranked sixth worldwide but the investment climate sits on 46th," said Chief of API-IMA Martiono Hadianto in Jakarta today, Dec 23.

Data of the Indonesia Mining Association mentions that total investment on mining in 2010 hits US$41.8 billion.

"Indonesia has a tremendous potentials in mineral resources and can be optimally developed," said Martiono, who is also Managing Director of PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara.

Data of API-IMA shows that the amount of nickle stock reaches 1.8 billion tonnes. Meanwhile, tin stock reaches 650 thousand tonnes.

Bauxite totals to 726 thousand tonnes with 111 million tonnes of reserve.

Moreover, primary gold commodity reaches 4,250 tonnes while alluvial gold commodity reaches 147.99 tonnes.