Sat, 12 Feb 2000

Microsoft seminar

On Feb. 8, 2000, I arrived at the Shangri-La Hotel Ballroom to attend a computer seminar on Securing Your Website, organized by Microsoft. When I arrived, the room was already crowded. Participants, both registered and on-site, mixed together, lining up in front of the reception desk to register in order to get a name tag and handouts.

After waiting in line for five minutes I was informed by the receptionist that they had run out of handouts and worse, my name was not registered even though I registered a week in advance through e-mail. Fortunately, I was allowed to go inside and join the seminar without the handouts.

From this experience, I can see that this event was not well- organized. It was too crowded and based on a first-come-first- served basis, even if someone had preregistered.

About two months ago, Microsoft e-mailed me informing me about my Microsoft Personal Identification Card (MPIC), which would serve as an identity card for Information Technology Professionals, issued by the Community Development of Microsoft Indonesia. As stated in the e-mail, only those who have this card are entitled to join events held by Microsoft. Up to now, I have not heard from Microsoft on this.

If Microsoft already had the idea of using an MPIC, I think Microsoft must implement it as soon as possible. The regular free-of-charge seminars organized by Microsoft are still full and in a mess.