Mon, 03 Jun 1996

Message from the ambassador

On this day, which marks the Anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Italy after the destruction caused by World War II, our thoughts are addressed to the Republic of Indonesia and to all Indonesians who, under the wise guidance of H.E. President Soeharto, have constructed this country and the impressive progress it has achieved so far in its economy, in its social development and in its culture.

Our thoughts also go to the many Italians, as well as Indonesians, who have worked and are working to develop and strengthen a relationship between our two countries which dates far back in time, has been matured by warm human relations and is growing together with increasing globalization, economic and political interdependence in our rapidly changing world.

As a founding member of the EEC, then the European Union, Italy has contributed decisively to strengthen the role of the Union as an open and active trading partner for other countries, including Indonesia, and as an important actor in world politics. It has been an advocate of ever closer economic and political relations with Asian countries, in particular with ASEAN.

Entrusted with the rotating presidency of the European Council, Italy had the honor and the responsibility of organizing and leading, on the European side, the first-ever meeting of Heads of Government of Asian and European countries, which was held in Bangkok last March.

This historic event has confirmed, even beyond expectations, how largely shared and deep is the common interest in developing and strengthening relations between Europe and Asia in the political, economic and cultural fields, as well as in other sectors. Based on this achievement, a program has been traced which will enrich the mutual relations in all areas and bring each of our countries closer, to better face, together, the challenges of our time.

On the international scene, Italy has steadily maintained and supported the values of human freedom, of independence and equality of states and the necessity of cooperation to solve political and economic problems, including greater North-South cooperation to help address the implications and consequences of economic globalization.

Its participation in the Group of Seven most industrialized countries is guided by these principles and objectives, as is its action as a member of the United Nations. With its contribution to the latter, politically, materially and also financially (as the sixth main contributor to its budget) Italy has endeavored to further strengthen the role of the UN in international relations, an objective to which Indonesia is also fully committed.

Among others, Italy is proposing a reform of the UN main body entrusted with the maintenance of peace and security, the Security Council, to make it a more credible, effective and democratic instrument ensuring more equitable representation. If adopted, this proposal would also considerably enhance the participation and the role of Indonesia in the more relevant decisions of the organization.

In the framework and on the basis of the many common objectives and interests, the relations between our two countries will find, I am sure, further ground for expansion in economic, technical and cultural cooperation, as well as in political matters.

Through trade, joint ventures and transfers of technology, Italian firms are increasing their presence in Indonesia not only in traditional areas like apparel, leather, marble and some sectors of industrial machinery, but also in chemicals, lubricants, power generation and transmission, transports, cables, engineering, oil and gas, medical equipment, electronics and even in some "new" fields like biotechnology.

We also hope that more and more Indonesian firms will be present in the Italian market, which is already now one of the most interested in Europe in Indonesian products.

My wish to all those who are engaged in furthering the relationship between Italy and Indonesia is that all existing opportunities will be seized to the benefit of the bright future which lies ahead for our countries.