Mon, 15 May 2000

Men in black robes attack bar

TANGERANG (JP): Tangerang Police detectives are probing Saturday's armed attack on a karaoke bar in Cibodas, Jatiuwung, which caused Rp 100 million (US$11,770) in losses.

"About 100 armed men in black outfits and robes stormed into the bar at midnight and caused serious material damages on Saturday at Singapore karaoke bar, in Taman Duta Mas Plaza in Cibodas," a Tangerang Police officer said.

"No arrests have been made yet."

The men also caused minor injuries to two employees, identified as Agus Riyanto, 27, and Mukhlis, 30, who tried to stop them.

Witnesses said the group arrived in four pickups, entered the bar and immediately began destroying property.

Damaged property included two TV sets, three refrigerators and two karaoke machines. (41/ylt)