Tue, 23 Aug 1994

Megawati names E. Java board

JAKARTA: Megawati Soekarnoputri, the chairperson of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI), announced the line up of the party's East Java regional board, to be led by Sucipto, on Monday.

Megawati also ordered the Latief Pudjosakti, who has formed his own board in defiance of Megawati, to make way for the new board appointed by Central Executive Board in Jakarta, the Antara news agency said.

The East Java board regional election ended inconclusively last month, leading to the intervention by the central board.

However Latief, the incumbent East Java PDI chief, rejected the intervention and decided to form his own board.

Megawati insisted that the new board led by Sucipto reflected the aspirations of the PDI supporters in East Java.

Sucipto has also announced his intention to give up his seat in the House of Representatives in order to focus his attention to the PDI's affairs in East Java. (emb)