Thu, 04 Dec 2003

Measuring political maturity

On Tuesday, the National Election Commissions (KPU) is expected to announce the names of the political parties that have been cleared to contest the 2004 elections.

From the announcement, we are going to see to what extent the political maturity of our politicians is.

When the Department of Justice and Human Rights recently announced the verification result of the political parties, protests came from various corners.

The KPU is likely to face the similar protest from the political parties which could fail to be eligible for next year's elections.

It is natural that the political parties can defend their rights, but as far as they do it in an elegant way we can support it.

However, what we do not expect to happen is a selfish and violent attitude which violate the existing regulations.

Hence, the political maturity of our politicians can be seen from the way they convey their opinion in a dialog and how they accept the results of the dialog itself.

-- Kompas, Jakarta