Thu, 13 Oct 1994

McDonald's receives halal certificate

The institute for the study of food, medicine and cosmetics of Indonesian Ulemas Council (LPPOM-MUI) has granted a halal (permitted by Islamic teaching) certificate to McDonald's Indonesia.

The certificate was handed over by the council's chairman, K.H. Hasan Basrie and the institute's chief, Prof. Aisyah Girindra, to Bambang N. Rachmadi, the president of PT Ramako Gerbangmas, a company which owns and operates McDonald's Indonesia.

Prof. Aisyah said that with its 21 outlets spread throughout the country, McDonald's is the first restaurant to receive the halal certificate for its entire menu.

According to Aisyah, the institute has issued many halal certificates to restaurants but only for particular foods.

Bambang said that the certificate will give all of his customers peace of mind. (mas)