Sat, 22 Feb 2003

Mass burial for unidentified Bali victims

DENPASAR, Bali: The Bali administration has decided to bury in a mass grave 85 unidentified body parts and three bodies belonging to victims of the Bali bombings in a traditional Hindu ceremony early next month.

The head of the Bali health office, Made Molin Yudiasa, said on Friday that the Sanglah Public Hospital, where most of the Bali bombing victims were treated and identified, would bury 85 unidentified body parts and three bodies in one grave on March 1.

The unidentified body parts will be put in coffins with code numbers for easy retrieval if and when needed.

At least 202 people, mostly foreign tourists, were killed in the Oct. 12 terrorist attacks, which ripped through two nightclubs on the resort island.

The remains scheduled for burial are among 200 unclaimed body parts that are being stored in refrigerated trucks outside the hospital. The rest will remain in storage awaiting possible identification.

The victims were mostly young people from 21 countries, including Indonesia, Australia, Britain, the United States, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland and Japan. --JP