Tue, 02 Aug 1994

Marketing new product

From Media Indonesia

It all began with the launching of new product, Grafix printer tape, produced by PT BIR in Marunda, North Jakarta. We, a marketing group, were interested in marketing the new product.

We sold the product to a number of companies like Garuda Indonesia, Jaya Construction Works, Bank Dagang Negara Indonesia (BDNI), Bank Bira, Bank Muamalat and the Attorney General's Office. From these sales we made big profit.

Based on the agreement with the company, we were supposed to get our share of the profit. After working hard for four months and after many companies placed their orders with us, we were kicked out. PT BIR had appointed a sole distributor and so their contract agreement with us was canceled. They kept all the client lists and obviously could re-activate the business with them. As a matter of fact, we spent a lot of money in our promotion drive for the product. However, PT BIR only gave us Rp 900,000 a month. All efforts to settle the matter with the company have been fruitless.

We hope that PT BIR will look into the matter seriously and find a speedy solution to our problem.

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