Wed, 11 Aug 2010

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The marine sector contributes nearly 22 percent of the country`s gross domestic product, a marine expert said on Monday night calling on the government to pay more attention to the sector.

"Based on the results of my calculation, the marine sector contributes 22.5 percent of the GDP," Prof Tridoyo Kumastanto of the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) said at a public discussion on the marine bill.

He said he arrived at the figure after classifying the marine sector into seven subsectors, namely fishery, mining, marine industry, marine service, marine building, marine tourism and sea transportation.

Among the seven subsectors the mining subsector contributed the biggest to the GDP with 9.1 percent, he said.

"The fishery subsector comes in second with 2.7 percent," Tridoyo who is also chief of the Center for the Coastal and Marine Resources Studies said.

These all suggested that the marine sector would also contribute to the future generations, he said.

Commenting on the marine bill, he said, the bill, if passed into law, must be able to determine the direction of the marine ecosystem`s interaction because there had been many laws related to the marine sector.

"The laws related to the marine sector include the mining law, fishery law, regional government law, law on state borders," he said.

Member of the House of Representatives Commission IV Viva Yoga Mauladi shared Tridoyo`s views saying the laws related to the marine sector must be synergized with the marine bill currently under deliberations at the parliament.

"Deliberations on the marine bill are among difficult tasks," he said.(*)